Complete Waxing Services

Ridgely Retreat offers a full variety of waxing services. Hard Wax is used in sensitive areas which greatly reduces the agitation that can occur. Hard Wax is amazing on coarse hair and in sensitive areas because as it cools and hardens the wax grabs the hair and lifts up off of the skin. This makes removal so much less painful as the Hard Wax only grabs the hair and doesn’t pull on the skin!  Also great for finer hairs as well.

Waxing Menu

Using the high quality wax with natural ingredients, our experts can remove stubborn hairs with ease.  This process is much healthier than tweezing or shaving which can aggravate pores and cause ingrown hairs. Servicing brows, lips, and the chin.



Lips & Chin


Bikini Line Wax


Playboy Wax


Brazilian Wax