One-on-One Private Yoga Sessions

private yoga sessions ridgely retreatReceive one-on-one attention in a private space with private yoga sessions. This helps to deepen meditation practices, explore your goals and get personalized attention based on your health and body type. This is a great option for all levels and experiences. Work with your instructor to maximize the benefits of yoga.

You can also pick your times and make a schedule that fits your lifestyle. Private yoga sessions can be especially beneficial to those with special health needs or specific health goals. Working one-on-one ensures you are practicing safely and effectively.

A one-hour private yoga session is $75. Please call 443-433-0462 to schedule a session.

Are you a new student? This might be the option for you. It can be intimidating to start in a group session. Work one-on-one with a yoga teacher to gain confidence in your practice. Learn more about what you want to gain and how to reach those goals.

Are you an experienced student? This will benefit you as well. You can work on deeper insight into posture or categories of postures. Our instructors help with modifications, posture alignment and helping develop a balanced at home practice. You also have time to learn more philosophy or other aspects of your interest.

Contact us today to get personal, one-on-one yoga sessions with Ridgely Retreat.