Intuitive and Life Coaching, Medical Medium, Certified Therapeutic Hypnotherapist, and Ascension Studies

Intuitive Readings

Dr. Gwen MacGregor on DC Fox 5 News December 2015!

60 minutes – $150
30 minutes – $100

Therapeutic Hypnotherapy

Dr. Gwen is a certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Master’s Level and, it is her privilege to assist you through hypnosis to address such complaints as Weight Reduction, Smoking & Alcohol or Drug Cessation, Anxiety Disorders or any other form of addictive thinking or action you might want to act upon in your life. Conversely, she also assists clients to expand their consciousness to achieve a higher comprehension in astral matters as well as open up minds to new possibilities. Please do not eat directly before your appointment or drink alcohol/coffee within 4 hours as this could dramatically change your experience.

$165 per session; Packages available for weight loss, smoking cessation and addictive behaviors. 

Life Coach

Dr. Gwen G. MacGregor is a nationally recognized Intuitive Life Coach and Metaphysical Educator with clients in 39 states and seven countries. She has successfully consulted with over 2,000 clients across the United States and abroad utilizing her skills as a gifted Clairvoyant-Life Coach, Tarot and Palm Reader. In her work as a medical intuitive, she consults with medical doctors, acupuncturists and psychologists to assist in patient diagnosis. She has been featured in “The Washington Post” for her angel seminars and is a monthly, contributor to the well-known, on-line metaphysical review, and The Museletter.

Dr. MacGregor has a B.A. in Sociology (U of MD), a Doctorate of Divinity (ULC-CA) and a MHt (NATH) in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.