By Kater Leatherman

Do your closets, schedules, projects, thoughts, and possessions
collect and clog up  s p a c e  in your life?
If so, and you are ready to do something about it,
get on a yoga mat.

Why?  Because yoga changes us from the inside out.
It opens our mind to insight, clears the body of clutter,
and builds a more compassionate & understanding heart.
All of this we need to clear more  s p a c e  in our daily round.

Yoga also teaches us to pay attention, to practice mindfulness.
Moving the body moves our mind.
This allows us to see where we resist letting go
and how our beliefs and choices restrict expansion.

Whether you are on or off the mat,
every bit of  s p a c e  that you create is worth honoring and protecting.
The more  s p a c e  you create,
the less you will be able to tolerate clutter,
and that is a good thing.

Picture streams of water rushing into a sand castle moat.
The trench fills quickly as liquid curls past turrets and beneath bridges…
in, around, and under.
In yoga, the water in the moat is your conscious breath,
infusing your whole body with the eternal present moment
which is always waiting for you.

So, ask yourself,
“What is it that I need to do today to create more  s p a c e  in my life?”

In the meantime, keep coming back to the yoga mat where you can practice releasing,
clearing the debris, and holding sacred  s p a c e
for the many opportunities that will support your desires.