Acupuncture at Ridgely Retreat





As Governor Hogan begins to lift the strictness of the shelter-in-place orders in Maryland, we are finding that we can once again consider brief trips outside for important things.

Things like self-care.

We at Ridgely Retreat would like to assure you that we are still here, and our acupuncture services are available. We also wish to reassure all our clients that we are taking every precaution considering the pandemic. The table is disinfected between patients, and the acupuncturist wears both gloves and a mask during every part of the treatment process.

If you’ve been thinking about acupuncture but been reluctant to do it because of the restrictions, perhaps now is a time to consider taking care of yourself. And remember acupuncture can treat anxiety, stress, and insomnia—all things we might be facing due to the uncertainties of the pandemic. Why not come in and get a treatment today?