As We Begin to Re-open

This time in my practice has been interesting, to say the least.  Along with other healthcare practitioners, I initially had to limit my treatments to urgent or acute care patients.  My Board specified that giving routine or wellness visits was not allowed.  This changed in mid-May, and as long as I follow CDC guidelines, I’m allowed to treat everyone.


As my patients begin to return for treatment, I’ve seen the downside of going without regular care.  I recently saw one patient who had suspended her wellness visits, and there was more to address than there had been in the previous six months!  It gave me a new appreciation for the importance of regular treatment and bodywork, whatever modality a person chooses.


As patients return for care, I am seeing an increase in complaints of neck and back pain.  I’m struck by the impact of not being able to follow pre-virus social routines and interactions.  People are moving a lot less and are more sedentary than they realize since the beginning of this pandemic.  Stress levels are much higher and are reflected physically.  I encourage everyone to double-check the ergonomics they are using while sitting or using the computer.  With more people working from home, this is especially important.


I also encourage everyone to move as much as they can, and deliberately increase how much they are moving.  This means taking a home “work-break” every 20 to 30 minutes to move and stretch.  Also, with the opening of parks and waterways, there are more options and increased opportunities for getting out and about.  Yoga is very helpful for stress reduction, flexibility, and strength; Ridgely Retreat has begun to offer rooftop yoga.  This is a wonderful way to be outside while observing social distancing and getting exercise.  There are also many on-line options available.


The impact of this virus will be with us for some time to come.  As much as each of us can, it’s good  to mindfully increase our daily activity to reduce stress and maintain health.



Dr. Kathryn Alexander, D. C. has had her practice at Ridgely Retreat since 2007.  She offers a no-charge 15-minute consultation.  She can be reached at 443-433-0463.










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