Supporting the Immune System — Some AK Suggestions

During these challenging times, here are some suggestions from an Applied Kinesiology perspective that can help with self-care.

The immune system has two major parts: the innate (part we are born with and our first line of defense) and the adaptive (part that develops as we move through life). Nutrients that support the innate immune system include Vitamins A, C, and D. Zinc lozenges that can be dissolved slowly in the mouth are also helpful.

There are two reflexes used in Applied Kinesiology to help support the immune system. They were developed by osteopath Frank Chapman. Each point should be rubbed daily for two to four minutes. The first point is on the left rib cage near the spleen, which is at the 7th and 8th rib (about halfway down the rib cage on the left side). The second point is on the right front rib cage at the level of the 4th and 5th rib (about halfway down the breastbone and move 2 – 3 inches to the right). It is important to massage each reflex for at least two minutes. It is not necessary to do this more than once daily.

Emotional stress can be helped by tapping acupuncture points on the face or head. Generally, the most helpful point is ST 1, which is located on the cheekbone directly below the iris of the eye when looking straight ahead. Tap lightly and quickly on both sides for one or two minutes (about 120 taps per minute) while thinking of the stressful situation. This procedure can be done as often through the day as needed.

If you need help finding any of these points, I will be happy to talk with you. I can be reached at 443-433-0463 or 443-433-0462. Please leave a message and I will contact you.

Stay safe and well!

Dr. Kathryn Alexander, D. C. has been practicing at Ridgely Retreat since 2007. She offers a 15-minute no-charge consultation. She can be reached at 443-433-0463.


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