Treehouse Studio Policies

Treehouse Studio Policies

All memberships include full access to all of our scheduled classes and use of the Retreat Room.

Some workshops and special events are not included in the membership and special pricing will be determined when the event is posted.

Memberships are dedicated to one person only and are non-refundable. Rates are subject to change without notice.

Please inform your instructor before the class of any injuries, illness, or concerns/questions that you may have. This will help your instructor offer modifications to help you benefit from your class.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing that is flexible for poses. Please do not wear baggy pants as they obscure the alignment of your legs. Also, avoid eating anything heavy within two hours before class.

We have yoga mats and props available for classes free of charge.

If you are running late to class, feel free to join us anyway! We know that busy lifestyles prevent us from always making it on time and appreciate the intention that you take in your day to be here.

We have the right to find substitute teachers for our classes if the regular instructor is unable to come, and will do our best to find a sub before cancelling the class.

We have the right to cancel a class due to illness, emergency, or inclement weather. Any cancellation will be posted on our website and sent to our email list.

We have the right to cancel a class due to lack of interest. Changes to classes will be made at the beginning of each month; please check our schedules when they are posted for any time or class changes.

Our Inclement Weather policy is: If Anne Arundel Co. Schools are cancelled or delayed due to inclement weather, classes that start at 9:00 am or earlier will be cancelled. We will post any other cancellations to our website and voicemail for the remainder of the day at least one hour before class starts.

Classes or workshops that are in sessions of two or more must be paid in full before the first class. Please make arrangements with the instructor if you miss a class.

Workshops may have a minimum amount and may be cancelled if they do not reach that limit. We have the right to cancel workshops due to an emergency, illness, or if we did not receive enough response. If you RSVP for a workshop you will be notified at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, it will be posted on our website.