Adult Piano Lessons

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Did You Ever Want to Learn the Piano?

The beauty of the Piano and playing music not only is soothing and relaxing but also plays a hand in heeling you from the outside in. Although constantly studied, we don’t need science to tell us that music can reach us at our deepest cores.  Sometimes to shake things up also to slow things down.

Imagine playing soothing notes, confidently stroking each key bringing beauty to your surroundings.  Imagine the heeling power you would hold, and share with all around you.  From never played before, to highly skilled, Ryan Shookman can show you techniques that are easy to follow.

Lessons are 30 minutes

Cost: $50

All Skill Levels Invited

ryan shookman

Ryan Shookman is a concert pianist who has performed around the world. He has been in Baltimore for 8 years and since Mr. Shookman has been the Music Director for over 15 Musicals.