Sound Immersion Workshop

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Sound Immersion

Creating Sacred Meditations

First Friday’s

of Every Month at Ridgely Retreat

with Patricia Norton

7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Cost: $35 in advance or $40 at the door

A sonic environment is created using a variety of instruments including quartz crystal and Himalayan bowls, gong and rain stick, along with mantra, vocal toning and chant. Every sound journey is different as it is essentially an intuitive process requiring deep sensitivity as to what is needed and the choice of sounds used. The instruments are played around and over you, and sometimes on you, so you can feel the vibrations of the instruments. Sound with heartfelt intention bypasses the analytical hemisphere of the brain allowing the creative and intuitive hemisphere to have free reign. Harmonic sound incites a deep relational and letting go as the toners act as keys to unlock denser energy held with in and physical, emotional and etheric bodies and the unconscious mind. Relax, enjoy and bathe in a shower of soothing tones.

*Be sure to bring pillows, covers or anything required to ensure utmost comfort.

2017 Schedule

October 6th 2017
November 3rd 2017

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