Changing Distraction into Presence

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Changing Distraction into Presence

With Jenny Otto, C-IAYT and Judy Lazarus, LCSW-C

Date: June 25, 2017
Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


In this three hour workshop we will bring attention to living in our bodies and experience techniques to release tension. We will experiment with gravity, core stability and authentic body movement used by our common ancestors. We will explore one ancient yet very modern posture for gathering energy to the accompaniment of a rattle. The resulting “bottom up” trance experience can lover levels of stress hormones and provide ground for changing distraction into presence, and thereby regaining a sense of wholeness.

Taking up residence in our bodies is hazardous work. Conscious awareness of what is coming at you and the types of fields of awareness that have impact and wear on our physical beings can be challenging. Most of us change states of awareness over 30 times a day.

The trace of driving down a familiar road where we “ know the way” and don’t really attend to the detail of each street sign and pothole, the automatic routine of getting up and out of bed for another day at work, the mindless repetition of some conversational habits with others; all these are coping strategies and common to modern experience.

Attention is the part of you that is you. You have clothes, you have a body, you even have a mind, but you are your attention. Attention is the “you” that pays attention, the “you” that gets the message from your eyes, your ears, and your feet. Attention becomes robbed with tension and distorts the “you”.

In short, what it feels like to be “you” is one of the most important sensations in your life.