Chakra Rhythms Workshop

Chakra Rhythms Workshop Featured

Mindful & Playful Rejuvenation

Come as you are, move as you wish.

July 29th 2017, 630pm – 8pm

Cost – $20

Please sign up at the front counter

Chakra Rhythms offer opportunities to express yourself authentically in a body-based way. We select music to support freedom of movement for both yourself individually and within the collective, while also encouraging you to be in your body as energy and intention move through you. Our events often begin with slow, grounding music which builds to include a range of music from different cultures and genres, tempos and textures, emotions, and expression and end quietly & sweetly, encouraging meditation & reflection. 

Each dance is different.  Through our dances we support: mindfulness, grounding, mind-body connection, creativity, emotional release, joy, vitality, flexibility, authentic expression, strengthening, serenity, relaxation, excitement, truth, real presence, intuition, community, connection, spirituality, inner fire, love, love, love…

No experience necessary! We welcome newcomers! Come join us!