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Why a custom orthotic?

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Many of us with knee, hip, and low back pain don’t realize imbalances in the feet can cause or worsen these problems. The feet have three arches – the inner, outer, and transverse arch across the balls of the feet. Together, they are called the plantar vault. If one of

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Help For Scars and Myofascial Restrictions

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October is Breast Health Awareness Month. Many women who have had breast surgery suffer from discomfort due to scarring, soft tissue restrictions, or lymphedema. These conditions can often be helped by instrument-assisted myofascial release. Dr. Alexander uses two instruments in her practice to help with myofascial and scar release. One

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How Can Applied Kinesiology Help Shoulder Issues?

How Can Applied Kinesiology Help Shoulder Issues? The shoulder is one of the more difficult areas of the body to treat successfully.  This is primarily because the shoulder is not a true joint — the head of the humerus is held to the glenoid fossa of the scapula by connective

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