7 Types of Yoga at Ridgely Retreat

Types of Yoga at Ridgely Retreat

yoga at Ridgely Retreat

Ridgely Retreat also offers solo yoga. Our one-on-one private yoga sessions are $75/hour. Learn more under our Services.

We offer seven different types of yoga at Ridgely Retreat. The majority of the classes fall under Hatha Yoga, but we also offer Kundalini, Iyengar, Yin, Svaroopa, Therapeutic, and Body Balance Yoga. Trying to decide what type of class to take? Here is some information to help you decide which practice is best for you.

1. Hatha

Hatha is a generalized category of yoga to include most yoga styles. It is an old system that involves the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (yoga breathing exercises). Together these serve to bring peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices, such as meditation.

2. Kundalini

Kundalini incorporates repetitive movements, dynamic breath work, chanting, meditation and chakra work. Yogi Bhajan introduced the West to this unique type of yoga that looks and feels entirely different than any other, primarily because of the focus on repetitive, enhanced breathing and an emphasis on the movement of energy through the body.

3. Iyengar

Iyengar focuses on precise body alignment and attention to detail in each pose. Props are utilized to help each individual achieve the pose without compromising proper form. Moving into a posture slowly, holding the pose for a minute or longer and taking a few breaths in-between poses are all distinguishing features.

4. Yin

Yin is directed toward the connective tissues and joints. Yin serves to draw your practice inward to align and center the mind and spirit. It utilizes long-held floor poses combined with breath work and meditation. Yin yoga penetrates through the muscles to target the joints and dense connective tissues of the body. It will often concentrate on relieving the hips, pelvis, and low back. Students hold poses for up to 5-10 minutes. It is a practice encouraged for all levels.

5. Svaroopa

Svaroopa utilizes a variety of props to ensure a supported position for a deep release. This type of yoga is fantastic for releasing pent up energy in the spine. Comprised of gentle poses the class will invoke a calming and meditative state which relaxes your core and allows your whole body to become more receptive to healing.

6. Therapeutic Yoga

Our registered nurse teaches our Therapeutic yoga. This type of class is ideal for students who have chronic medical conditions, complications, or disabilities that might restrict them from attending regular classes. The practice is personalized and tailored to each student depending on their ability.

7. Body Balance Yoga

Body Balance Yoga was created by Jenny Otto. Each session incorporates awareness, acceptance and adaptation. The practitioner may choose to utilize sound, mudra, pranayama, visualization and meditation, in an attempt to assist a student to express the essence of their spirit. Poses are adapted to encourage every student to explore their personal journey into their own embodiment. Body Balance will complement current developments in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

The seven types of yoga at Ridgely Retreat offer a variety for all students at any level. You can find our class schedule here or contact us to learn more or to register for a class today!