Bob Sima’s Practical Breathwork Workshop

Bob Sima Practical Breathwork Workshop

Practical Breathwork Own Your Breath, Own Your Peace

DATE: Sat July 15th

TIME: 2-5pm

INVESTMENT: $35 per Person in Advance, $45 at the Door

RSVP: Email or call 443-433-0462

The majority of us navigate through life in a constant state of low-grade stress. It lies just below the surface of our consciousness, a slight unrest. In medical terms, it’s called sympathetic dominance. It’s a nervous system imbalance, a deficit in the “spirit”ual transaction of life. This stress is often undetected and when left to proliferate, its cumulative effects are devastating. It leads to disease of the physical, distress of the emotional, and disconnection from the spiritual aspects of our human experience. The very essence of our being wants to relieve this imbalance and so it reaches for outside substances to provide temporary relief. The ultimate solution to relieve this multi-dimensional imbalance is the ultimate companion, the ultimate substance — the breath.

Practical Breathwork is an experiential workshop that combines elemental aspects, tools and techniques of the best of this complex field and serves it in a format that is practical. Practical leads to a practice which leads to sustainability. The ultimate aim of the workshop is for the participant to leave with a practice that will immediately have an impact on their life. The workshop combines an intoxicating blend of discussion, ancient forms of meditation, dozens of focused breathing exercises, deep spiritual connection to yourself and others, and live devotional and ecstatic music.


“I am beyond words. I found the breathwork so enlightening and so utterly healing. You are a gift to this world and I am so forever grateful. This was a life changer for me.”

“Bob taught me the importance of breath and how I can anchor myself in a few minutes.”

“I took the training and loved every minute of it. Now I practice every day throughout the day the techniques I learned in the workshop and I monitor the progress on my Peak Flow every morning. It does make a difference for me. I highly recommend this training not only for people with breathing problems but for every one interested in spiritual growth and meditation.”

“The worshop was everything I could have expected and then some. Shannon and Bob were so welcoming and gracious hosts. The four hours flew by and we went home with so many tools. It was a great day spent with great people and a very nice birthday present to myself that will keep giving.”